White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger will not be disciplined by MLB following investigation

Major League Baseball will not discipline Chicago White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger, the league announced Sunday, after an investigation that began in 2022 could not determine that the pitcher violated its joint policy on domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

Clevinger, 32, was accused by a former partner of physical abuse and that he threw a wad of used chewing tobacco at their child. MLB began its investigation last fall and the White Sox were not aware of the allegations when they signed Clevinger to a one-year, $12 million deal on Nov. 27.

Clevinger, MLB said in a statement, “has voluntarily agreed to submit to evaluations by the joint treatment boards under the collectively bargained policies, and to comply with any of the boards’ recommendations. MLB will continue to make support services available to Mr. Clevinger, his family, and other individuals involved in the investigation.”


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MLB’s domestic-violence policy does not require criminal charges or convictions in order to impose discipline. Former Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer received a record 324-game suspension, later upheld to 194 games by a mutually-appointed arbitrator, after charges were not pursued by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office following an eight-month investigation in 2021-22.



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